The Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival

Celluloid film challenge logoThroughout the weekend of November 14-16, the Arts & Humanities Council will once again showcase the works of our local film professionals at the 16th annual Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival.

Following the simple guideline that works must have been filmed on Bainbridge or feature a past or present Bainbridge Islander in the cast, crew or production, the goals of the 3-day festival are to bring the Bainbridge community together to learn about and celebrate local filmmakers.

In addition to the large variety of films submitted to the festival, this year will also include the Bainbridge Celluloid Film Challenge requiring that filmmakers produce a quality film in an abbreviated amount of time using a specific Bainbridge Island name, prop and line of dialogue. For more information visit Celluloid Bainbridge Film Challenge.

The EDGE Improv Team will make the leap from stage to screen to open Celluloid Bainbridge with “The EDGE at the Movies,” a hilarious collection of their very best scenes and moments from the past six months. A “Meet the Filmmakers” Opening Night Party, workshops, panel discussions, Q & A sessions with the filmmakers, and lots of popcorn will add to what is sure to be a great weekend at the movies.


For further details on the film festival, visit the Celluloid Bainbridge website.

A Call to Teaching Artists

The Arts in Education Program is Expanding its Roster

Eagle Harbor High School Educator Paige Nickum teams up with Teaching Artist Lin Lucas

Language Arts Educator Paige Nickum teams up with Graphic Comics Artist Lin Lucas in a 2013 artist residency at Eagle Harbor High School

Now in its 16th year, the Arts & Humanities Council Arts in Education program provides artist residencies in our local schools, designed to strengthen lessons across the disciplines, in addition to delivering art skills and content into the classrooms

This year we will be expanding our teaching artist roster and amount of classrooms and students served. If you are a classroom teacher or teaching artist interested in becoming part of this rewarding educational program, contact

For more information visit Arts in Education.