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Bainbridge in BloomJuly 10 - 11, 2015Call to Visual Artists
2015 Bainbridge in Bloom Poster Art Competition

Deadline for submissions: December 19, 2014



“It was so much fun working with the Bainbridge in Bloom this past year. I felt like I had always been known as a Seattle artist and even though I moved to Bainbridge Island ten years ago, it was a nice introduction and connection into the art community here. So many of my friends and neighbors saw my work in Currents, people that wouldn’t normally go to an art gallery. Its always nice when art can enter our everyday world rather than existing only in the art world context.”  

- 2013 Bainbridge in Bloom Poster Artist, Kenna Moser, December 2014

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The winning artist’s work of art will serve as the image of the 27th annual Bainbridge in Bloom Garden Tour. Taking place on July 10-11, 2015, this event is an Arts & Humanities Council’s annual fundraiser, reaching a national audience through print and online promotion.

Visitors come to the Bainbridge in Bloom Garden Tour for an variety of reasons. Some love the insider’s view of the exquisite private gardens. Others are passionate gardeners who seek ideas and inspiration for planting and design. Still others grab a friend and make the trip to experience the live music throughout this high-caliber garden tour.

Bainbridge in Bloom is a self-guided tour by either car or bicycle, however the option for a bus shuttle will also be available.

What not all patrons realize is that Bainbridge in Bloom is also the nonprofit Arts & Humanities Council’s most important annual fundraiser. We use proceeds from the garden tour for an array of purposes throughout the year:

  • To engage young people in a full range of quality arts and humanities programs
  • To provide professional development, support, and recognition for members of our cultural community
  • To engage people beyond the island in the creative mélange that is Bainbridge
Bainbridge in Bloom is a Friday-Saturday event.
Tickets will go on sale in May, 2015


Remembering the 2014 Bainbridge in Bloom Gardens

We are the Arts & Humanities Council. Our mission is to create an environment on Bainbridge Island where the arts and humanities may flourish, this includes music, visual arts, dance, theatre and more. The gardens that have been chosen for this year’s tour each express the creative arts, as well as the individual owners and the beauty they plant, tend and care for throughout the seasons

Guitarist Laura Silverstein delights garden visitors during the 2014 Bloom Garden Tour

Guitarist Laura Silverstein delights garden visitors during the 2014 Bloom Garden Tour

Highlight of this year’s Bloom is the studio and gardens of renowned landscape painter Gayle Bard. Designed with an artist’s point of view, the Living Canvas Garden illustrates composition, color, texture and tone.

Once a dense ravine filled with invasive species, the Landscape Melodies Garden is a timeless tempo of terraces with rhythmic paths and Asian-inspired bridges. The diverse planting arrangements finish on a high note, a vista view of Rich Passage.

Sculpted Serenity describes three gardens seamlessly molded into the small spaces surrounding neighboring townhomes. Purposeful assemblages of peace and tranquility, these exceptional gardens define compact creativity in an urban setting.

The Living Canvas - the gardens and studio of landscape painter Gayle Bard

The Living Canvas – the gardens and studio of landscape painter Gayle Bard

Century-old conifers frame the Dance of the Natives Garden. As stone pathways explore the understory, celebrating the partnering of native and ornamental plantings, a stunning water feature completes the choreography, repose in a tranquil setting.

The Midsummer Takes Center Stage Garden sets the scene for shared stories with a giant beach-inspired fire pit. Lush ornamental and edible gardens line the performance area. Further into the backdrop is “the wildspace” play area for the youngest of the cast members.

The 2014 Bloom Poster Art

Kenna Moser, Traverse, beeswax, vintage envelope, collage and oil paint on wood panels, 5” x 5”

Kenna Moser, Traverse, beeswax, vintage envelope, collage and oil paint on wood panels, 5” x 5”

This year, three pieces of art were chosen to represent the Bainbridge in Bloom garden tour. Whisper, Beyond, and Traverse, by local artist Kenna Moser, will be featured on the Bloom posters and other materials throughout the coming months.

Kenna’s explains that her unique paintings “begin with an antique letter/envelope and collage elements carefully cut out, then glued to a wood panel, followed by a signature layer of beeswax. The beeswax is applied hot, smoothed and buffed. Garden specimens and small figures are painted on top of the wax. The resulting paintings speak to a personal relationship with the written word and the natural environment.” To learn more about Kenna’s creative approach to this year’s Bloom artwork, visit We so appreciate Kenna, for sharing your work with the Arts & Humanities Council and the community. Thank you to all who submitted images for the 2014 Bainbridge in Bloom poster art competition.


2014 Bainbridge in Bloom Garden Tour (Dave Gibson photo)

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